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The people of Pennsylvania continue to prove during elections that if fake ray ban aviators a candidate is endorsed by Planned Parenthood our state's largest abortion provider they're probably going to lose.

In November 2012, Planned Parenthood endorsed 22 candidates against pro-life members of the State House.

And 2014 is looking no different. Their pick for governor Allyson Schwartz lost by 40 percent.

Planned Parenthood also featured two endorsed legislative races: Erin Molchany (36th District) and Billy Smith (164th ray bans outlet House District). Molchany, whom Planned Parenthood stated she "represents the views of the voters of the 36th district,"went up against pro-life Democrat Harry Readshaw. Molchany lost by 20 percent.

Billy Smith challenged incumbent Representative 2010 Planned Parenthood-endorsed Margo Davidson. While in office, Davidson voted for commonsense abortion clinic regulations after her cousin, Semika Shaw, was killed by abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Because of cheap ray ban glasses her commonsense support - deemed "threatening" and "burdensome" by the abortion giant - Planned Parenthood came after her not only by endorsing her challenger but providing over ,000 directly to his campaign and Smith scoring robocalls throughout the district.

Despite all their efforts, Davidson won by 10 percent.

The largest abortion provider in PA continues to gain millions in taxpayer dollars and ray bans for cheap continues to use their political arm to spend millions of dollars on pro-abortion candidates. And the message by citizens across Pennsylvania is clear: If you want to represent us, you don't want Planned Parenthood's endorsement.

DAN BARTKOWIAK, Policy Associate, Pennsylvania
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